A Blessed and Happy New Year!

By Dr. Hector Richard Ortiz


The beginning of a new year has always been an exceptional opportunity to reflect on what has just happened to us as well as to visualize what we would like to occur in the year that is just starting. This one-year, strategic-thinking approach may help one to aspire the best and conquer more if one is able to say what one thinks and to do what one plans. It is my sincere intention that you can enjoy the beauty to bring light to your life, meaning to your aspirations and purpose to you daily life.

Keep in mind that we are what we think, and what we do is what we create. Consequently, our attitude promotes actions, and our choices embrace consequences. Many times, what we have or what we observe is mainly based on our perceptions and previous experiences.

The fact is that our perceptions relate directly to the way we see life experiences – as opportunities and challenges. As such, it is optional to us to use the power of our imagination to picture the best instead of concentrating on the worst; to see the positive instead of the negative; to reinforce our strengths instead concentrating just in the weaknesses.

As such, let us make ourselves a commitment to live deeply the greatness of life and engage profoundly in the immensity that the world offers to us. Let us see more our gifts instead of our self-imposed defects. Let us love more, praise frequently, laugh continuously, smile often and think positively.

Any single day offers us a new opportunity to live and enjoy what life offers to us on continuous basis. However, a new year tends to enhance the power of possibility, to engage intensely and see life from a holistic point of view. Let us use this opportunity to dream, plan and conquer.

I wish you and all of you a happy, blessed and incredible new year!


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