A Day in the Life with Teresa Garcia

Story and Photographs by Ali Waxman


Teresa Garcia is the regional director of revenue management for Greenwood Hospitality. Greenwood Hospitality recently unveiled two new restaurants, 1700 degrees Steakhouse and Ad Lib Kitchen & Bar, both located inside the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel.

Born in El Paso, Texas, Garcia is the youngest of five children. Her parents are both from Mexico, and Garcia was raised with two brothers and two sisters, which gave her a balanced upbringing

Garcia attended New Mexico State University, and then landed a position with Greenwood Hospitality. In her position as regional director of revenue management, Garcia travels to many different parts of the country

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A typical day for Garcia:


7 a.m.

Wake up and jump in the shower. Then it’s time to turn on some music and get ready for work. My outfits are dictated by the weather, so I am constantly checking the weather report in the mornings. Leaving my apartment around 8 a.m., I walk to the office, located inside the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel. I don’t care for breakfast, so I usually head over to Ciao, Too! and order a coffee. I don’t have time to exercise like I used to, so my fitness is satisfied by my daily walk to work.

Once I arrive to work, my routine is to check emails. I have them categorized, so work emails get priority. Since I am involved in the restaurant industry, sites like Yelp and Urban Spoon are tops for reading. I enjoy blogs about improving SEO and e Commerce. Sounds boring, and it may be for most, but I really enjoy those blogs.



Unfortunately, I never have time for a proper, sit-down lunch. So, I am always snacking throughout the day. During the typical lunchtime, I am involved with my daily meetings or strategizing. I love studying data and data-related topics.


6 p.m.

I love Mexican food, with tacos being a favorite. It makes me feel like I am back home with my family. I am not a fan of cooking, so I eat out all the time. There is a place in Harrisburg that I frequent a lot called Tres Hermanos (three brothers). When it comes to food, other than Mexican, my diet consists of pizza and chicken wings. The spicier the better! After work, I’ll walk back to my apartment.

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Winding Down

Reading helps me wind down from a busy day. Some of my favorite things to read about are history and work-related topics. Believe it or not, I really do enjoy reading about data statistics. Once in a while, I’ll sneak some television in as well. I’m a Big Bang Theory fan along with cartoons – Tom and Jerry are my favorite.


Bed Time

I’m an easy sleeper as I work hard every day. On those rare occasions when I have trouble falling asleep, I tend to listen to white noise, and that does the trick.

Ali Waxman

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