A Note From Our Editor-in-Chief

Dear readers,

During these days full of beautiful light and warmth, where we see the flowers and colors brighten everything, as well as the birds singing, we feel full of energy, strength and revitalization. Enjoy this time of year to the fullest!

This month, La Voz Latina Central highlights the world of medicine, health and wellness.   Be sure to read our interview with regionally renowned psychiatrist Jose Montaner as well as Dr. Oralia Dominic’s article on the importance of consuming more fruits and vegetables.

In the food section, we talk about 5 de Mayo and its real history as well as a dish originating in Puebla, a city in Mexico where this recipe originated on this famous day.

Also, you will find an article written by Ali Waxman that features a chef named Pippa Calland who prepares Mexican food of incredible taste and quality in the West Shore Market in Lemoyne.

In the section called Art of Liberty and the Liberty of Art, enjoy the narration of the recent William Close concert held in Harrisburg.

Part of our mission is to highlight the influence and importance of the Latin community in Central Pennsylvania, and you will find an article by Joe Benish who speaks about the importance of the Latin vote.

If you have any questions or commentary, please feel free to write.

Thank you.

Staff Writer

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