A Note From Our Editor-in-Chief

By Seena Chriti

In this edition of La Voz Latina Central, we will be covering the subject of real estate, and we will learn about the importance of having insurance for our home.  We will also get to know Claudia Laubach, a real estate agent from Mexico, and Suzanne Perez, an expert in interior design and architecture born in Puerto Rico.  Also, be sure to check out page 11 to learn about the importance of the nutritional value that is found in the Latin diet.  And you won’t want to miss discovering the relationship that corn has with our Latin roots on page 8.

I would like to welcome Sandra Tamez, a very talented writer who will be kicking off a recurring column titled “The Art of Freedom and The Freedom in Art.” In her inaugural installment, Tamez shares her interpretation of the play Yo Soy Latina!, written by Linda Nieves Powel, which deals with the dilemmas that we Latins find ourselves in when we are far from our countries of origin.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Also, if you have an event that is relevant to our Latin community that you would like to see in our pages, or know someone in the Latin community that has had a strong impact in their area, please send an email to


Seena Chriti

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