All of us are valuable to society

Representatives from Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Inc. were recently interviewed about the services provided by this organization that assists young adults with special needs.


“We are a service provider that helps these valuable people to achieve self-improvement, to stand by their own and encourage them to be part of our society,” says Bridgette Gebhart, regional director at the Allentown offices, serving Reading, Lancaster and York.


Clinical coordinator Jessica Padilla shares, “We work a lot with autistic people providing assistance so they can perform their primary tasks, such as reading, writing and cooking for themselves, among other activities. We assist them in various day-to-day activities, such as taking them to supermarkets so they learn to perform on their own and, above all, gain trust in themselves. There are many taboos in our society about people with autism, especially in our Latino community.  I think we need to provide awareness about the great abilities these young people have. They can learn to work and live by themselves, like any citizen in our country.”


Founded in 2004, the organization has locations in Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey and, since several years ago, in Pennsylvania where orientation is being provided to communities about the services offered.


“In Central Pennsylvania, for example, we have seen many cases for Latino families who need our services, but they do not request the service because, for some reason, they feel ashamed.  That’s why we guide and work together with the families.  Our organization has professionals and volunteers. We are also looking for more Spanish-speaking staff for the Reading and Lancaster locations. We also offer orientation conferences,” says Padilla, who also shares that she can be reached at (484) 919-1686 or Jennifer Santiago at (484) 202-7440.


“This is a nice way to help others, but it is a profession that requires a lot of dedication and patience.  Persons who are interested in becoming part of the organization must take a theoretical course required by the state, get a background-check certificate and possess a driver’s license, among other requisites,” says Gebhart who has been part of the company for five years. ◆

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