An Investment For Life

When we think about the word investment, we tend to immediately think about money, real estate, capital or any kind of assets, goods, material or economical possession.


But, what about educational investment?


I am not just talking about being
worried about how to pay for tuition or a college loan. I am talking about an investment of human resources starting at home and making a real commitment to a well-rounded education that involves quality time, values, priorities, habits, discipline, respect for others, self respect and so on. These are vital factors of forming upstanding, honorable and ethical citizens.


The arrival of Donald Trump to the White House is giving us native Latin-Americans the hardest time ever in our own land. Worse than the white Europeans who “conquered” us and took advantage of our material and human resources hundreds of years ago.


This land belongs to the natives conquered, once again, by a group of racist people who pretend to divide people, territory, culture and building a wall.


Where are the native indigenous of North America?


They are relegated and segregated. They are not part of the Senate or the Presidential team.


To make this clear, allow me to clarify something crucial: the name of this country is the United States of America.  The United States are not America. America is one single continent, and its territory covers all the land from the south cone in Patagonia, starting at the Ushuaia, Tierra de Fuego, all the way up to Knud Rasmussen Land and the Oodaaq Island.  It spans from the Arctic Ocean to the convergence of the South Pacific and Atlantic oceans and from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, with approximately 35 different countries and islands that comprise it.


I think that many will agree with me that a good investment starts at home, taking care of the wealth of your goods (culture, language, traditions, food, etc.), its support, its reserves and human assets to be successful in all kinds of business, including the economical ones. Don’t you? ◆

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