Art of Listening to Oneself


By Dr. Hector R. Ortiz

We live in a world where everything is possible if one accepts it in his or her mind, and if one really believes that whatever one conceives is possible to achieve. The intuition to discern our thoughts and critical thinking to evaluate the views of others becomes crucial before one seeks advice from others, particularly from those who most likely have never tried for their own dreams.

It is better to live our own experience than to rely on unhappy episodes of other people. Go ahead, make your own decisions instead of living under the influence of past negative practices made by others. God and your spiritual intuition will prevent you from becoming afraid of reliving the failures of others or facing the incomprehension of those who have not even thought about the pleasure of success.

The following tale reminds us of the importance of following your instincts and leaving the pessimism of others behind. It goes as follows:

Several frogs held a competition to see which one could reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd gathered to cheer the contestants, but no one believed any of the tiny frogs could reach the top. “Too difficult,” they said. “They will never make it.” “The tower is too high.” “Not a chance that they will succeed.” “Silly frogs, they will kill themselves.”

The frogs began climbing. As they ascended, they began falling one by one. Several others, though, kept a steady tempo and climbed higher and higher. The crowd shouted out the same pessimistic statements. “Come down, or you will die.” “Crazy frogs! Nobody has made it before.” The crowd repeated itself over and over.

More frogs grew tired and, influenced by the crowd, they finally gave up. Only one remained. This frog looked like it would not give up, and he finally made it to the top. When he returned to the ground, all the other frogs and the members of the crowd wanted to know how he had found the strength to succeed. It turned out that the winner was deaf.

The lesson is clear: never listen to other people’s negativism. Look at the positive side instead. “As you focus on the negative events of the world, you not only add to them, but you bring more negative things into your own life at the same time,” says Hale Dowskin (Byrne 2006, 144). Many times we must remain graciously deaf when people tell us that we cannot fulfill our dreams. As such, never permit anyone else to determine the size of your dreams, deter your mission or limit your potentials. As an old saying goes, “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man; but sooner or later who wins is the man who thinks he can.” Positive thinking generates conscious awareness, and it will always remind us to see the current situation as well as the visionary future as pleasant and vivid.


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