As I see it

Once again, we are in the midst of an extended race for the presidency of the United States.  Our country is at a major crossroads.  We have major issues to think about and important assessments to make about our future leaders.

Recent surveys have shown that the top issues are:

  • Control of the borders and immigration policies
  • The impact of world debt, personal debt and government deficits and their impact on the economy
  • Personal freedoms
  • The validity of man-made global warming
  • The shrinking of the middle and working class, and the growth of the political and corporate elite.

La Voz Latina Central is the only bilingual newspaper with coverage in over six counties in Pennsylvania, so the issue of immigration policies is of great importance.  I know it is difficult, but those of opposing opinions must put aside emotional and cultic thinking and look at the facts.  Those on both the right and left must come together and judge ideas, not people.  We must break down each issue and look for future solutions.

No country can exist without borders.  After our first wave of immigrants during the Industrial Revolution, there was a period of over 70 years where no immigration was allowed.  It was not a racist action as much as a practical effort to assimilate the existing immigrants into the job markets and the American society.  After the assimilation took place, immigration was once again opened but not without a legal process.

The legal process tried to assure that those entering the United States intended to support their adopted country.  They were expected to have skills and the willingness to use those skills.  They were not asked to forget their heritage but rather share it for the greater good of this immigrant nation.  These restrictions seem to me to be a reasonable process.

If a country has no borders, it has no ability to know the intentions of those coming into the country.  If a country has no requirements or expectations to be fulfilled by the immigrants, then there is no ability to control our overall culture.  If America losses its economy to the burden of an overloaded welfare system, the cost to infrastructures – such as education or security – this country will soon be a place to which no one will want to immigrate.

We were a country that was founded on the precept that universal laws or natural laws were not given to us by kings or governments but were given by a Creator.  We wrote a constitution that did not tell what the government would do for the citizens, but rather what the government couldn’t do to its citizens.

Over the years, governmental power evolved.  Man will consistently abuse power.  He will lapse into greed and the love of power to fill his growing appetite.  This is why the constitution spelled out only a few powers for the federal government and stated that all the rest went to the states.  The thought was that the people could control the government closer to the people.

Today, many have forgotten our founding concepts, and some are considering having a socialist or oligarchy form of government.  They are considering giving up personal freedom for an unknown security.

I urge all to think hard.  Look at history – reliable information rather than cultic thinking from one group or another. Today, we are broken up into groups for the sake of those in power.  They know if we start to realize that we are all created, not formed by happenstance, then we will once again work for the greater good, which lessens the abuse of power.


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