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It is hard to believe that there are only two months left in this year. November is known for Thanksgiving holiday. It is solely an American holiday but one that can also have meaning to the Hispanic community.
Thanksgiving is about immigrants; they called them pilgrims. The pilgrims left their land in hopes of better opportunity and religious freedom. This is a land of immigrants, however Thanksgiving is also about compassion and cooperation. We must not forget that those beginning communities would have failed if the Native Americans had not given them survival skills the pilgrims needed. The first Thanksgiving dinner was an example of cooperation and compassion between those already on the continent and those just arriving.
When we study the history of this time in America, we find many lessons for today and answer to questions as to how we should look at today’s immigration debate. The Native Americans were not able to control the flow of immigrants and therefore lost their own identity. It may be important for us to have a humane and fair immigration policy but we must also be a sovereign country with sovereign borders or we may face the same fate.
On the other hand, such as the Native Americans, we should help those that are here to survive. We should act with compassion because it was America that failed to create a decent immigration process with a functioning workers program. Our failure to have a true immigration policy and then enforce that policy has lead to illegal immigration. People will break unjust laws when seeking to survive.
So, as we eat the turkey and give thanks to God, we should also give thanks to the original inhabitants of this nation
Thanksgiving is also about family. We live in a stressful time and the traditional family has been in decline but no matter the formation of the family it is all about love and caring for each other. It is important that we not only thank God, but also those who have loved us, those who have mentored us and those that have helped us to survive.
Anyone living in America should feel thankful. We should also feel obligated to make sure America stays a land of opportunity, a land of God given rights, a land of compassion and a land of personal responsibility. It is only in doing this that we can be sure that immigrants of the future will have opportunity and freedom on our shores. This is our obligation for all the gifts we have received.
May you all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. It is more than just a family and watching TV. It should be a time of reflection and a commitment to make things better for others.


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