As I see it

I have been asked to write my December article now on October 19, 2016.  It is so hard to look into the future or even imagine what things will be like on December 25 of this year.


Christmas is actually my favorite holiday season – the music, lights, ceremony, the concept of giving and love for our fellow man.


Right now, I only hear the divided voices of Americans as they decide which way the country will go in this presidential election. So much anger, not just here but throughout the world; fighting in Mosel and talk of war with Russia. It all seems so far off from Christmas or Hanukkah. At this time, those holiday lights of hope seem dim and distant.


I have no idea which way this election will go, but I do know that, either way, we have a rough road to travel. Our country is broke. This is not an opinion; it is pure math. We are $20 trillion in debt, and we have debts to all our programs that exceed $80 trillion. Wealth has been taken from the middle class and transferred to the upper two percent of our population. Wall Street is rolling in good times, while the workers struggle. It makes me wonder how many Tiny Tims will be wanting this coming Christmas.


My greatest gift this coming Christmas would be that Americans can once again come together for the greater good. I pray that we give up nation building and stay away from war unless it is the only recourse rather than using war as a nation-building strategy. I pray that capitalism once again becomes a moral capitalism based on providing goods and services rather than meaningless movement of monies and crony business dealings with political favors.


I look forward to the holidays. I hope they will represent change in attitudes and values. I pray, like Ebenezer Scrooge, that we will wake up from this bad dream, see the light, throw our hands up in the air and shout, “God bless us one and all.” Happy Holidays

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