As I See It

So this is the month that we all have to submit our taxes.  It is hard to believe that the first revolution in this country was fought over taxation without representation, but today, we are taxed at every move.

I am taxed when I fill up for gas, taxed when I buy food or other products, taxed on my phone, taxed on my television and taxed for schools my children no longer attend – the list goes on and on.

It use to be, before government grew out of control, that I would wonder how much I would have to pay in taxes.  Today, I often wonder how much government will allow me to keep.  With the constant growth of government and a debt of over 17 trillion dollars, there is no place for taxes to go but up.  There is only one problem.  We have approximately 48 percent of Americans paying no taxes.  With fewer people actually working since the Great Depression, government programs are out of control and spending is going up, which guarantees higher taxes.

The tax structure is unfair because they just keep changing the rules and punishing those who do work hard and save.  The richest countries in the world are those that surround the nation’s capital.  We are quickly becoming slaves to the government, and the middle class is shrinking and loosing financial stability.

This loss of the middle class is because those who really control power are large corporations and government.  The corporations buy influence through lobbyists and campaign donations, and the politicians gladly take this money and pass laws that only the big corporations profit from.

Meanwhile, the middle class is paying so much in taxes that each day more and more families are living from day to day.

As bad as this is, it actually gets worse.  If what we sacrificed in taxes actually went to help people, build infrastructure or make our community better in general, I could see some justification, but this is not the case.  Each day, we hear about abuses of our tax dollars, like the millions spent in 2013 by the Environmental Protection Agency who flew first-class, rather than coach like the rest of us.  There was a $150,000 bar bill for Nancy Pelosi’s airplane for one year when she was Speaker of the House.  Just look how many senators and congressmen leave government as very rich people.  It is not just their lavish pensions, it is all the connections they make while creating corporate welfare.


Tax Suggestions

• Ban paid lobbyists.

• Ban any politician from being a lobbyist in any field in which they were in a committee.

• Create a flat tax where everyone pays.  That is right; rich, poor, middle class and corporations all pay a flat tax with no deductions.  We want to end corporate welfare.  Just think about it – last year General Electric paid no federal taxes.  This kind of favoritism must end.  Everybody should be treated equally.

• Demand the Federal government balance the budget each year.

• Limit the terms that someone can stay in Congress.

Graham Hetrick

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