Fall is upon us


Colors of the season

Each morning, I go downstairs to an area where I sit and meditate for about an hour.  I pray, sit and contemplate the day.  One of the items on my mind this morning was the article for October.  As I was sitting there, I noticed the slight change in the color of the trees.  I am blessed to have a view of beautiful woods from this particular window.  I noticed slight changes to yellow and red in the sea of summer’s green.  The season was changing.  Today was the first day 
of autumn.
I am German by heritage.  America is made up of immigrants.  My southern German family settled in Pennsylvania because the land looked just like southern Germany.  Even the weather in southeastern Pennsylvania is very similar to southern Germany.
I have grown up with four seasons.  I then came to the realization that most Hispanics come from much warmer climates and must find the changing seasons new and maybe even troublesome.
I am used to the clothes for each season.  I even look forward in fall to wearing vests and topcoats.  Just like nature, our clothes change from light colors to deeper browns, blacks and grays.  We adapt all things 
to the seasons.
As I took out the trash for collection, I thought how cold this chore would be in winter.  Just a touch of cold on my shoulders reminded me of things to come. As I sat and meditated, the gas fireplace came on for the first time since summer.  I read the thermostat and realized that the room was below 68 degrees.  I looked at the fire place as though I was welcoming an old friend.  Soon it will greet me each night as I come home from work in the dark, collar up on my coat and a quick walk from the car to the front door.
I like the change.  It is sort of like a clock that marks my life off in quarters.  Each quarter reminds us of the coming end to another year.  With the change in weather comes Thanksgiving with pumpkins carved and lit on front porches, family gatherings and the smell of turkey.  I have never had a Christmas in a warm climate.  It must be strange to have a Christmas tree with palm trees and soaring temperatures outside.
It is not that we all love the cold; it is that we experience and overcome the winds of winter. Autumn gives us both warm and cold days with brilliant colors.  We then see a general graying of the sky and winter sinks in like the last six miles of a marathon.  An occasional snow brightens the drabness of the land, covering brown grass and naked trees with a cleansing purity of white.  In a few short days, the snow turns to a light gray, the snowmen melt and the cycle of cold and snow repeats itself until the first buds promise spring.

So, the best advise I can give to my Hispanic friends is to just embrace the change and know that it marks the changing in our own lives.  Spring will come, and Pennsylvanians will celebrate so much more than those who never faced the chill of winter.  Well, I better stop meditating and unpack my sweaters.


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