Be Present, Enjoy What You Have And Learn From Your Life Experiences

Being present is one of the easiest ways to control our lives and manage them assertively. The objective is to ensure that we hold the space and live in the only time that we currently have, the present. Live every single second, and enjoy every place right now, right where you are, physically, mentally and spiritually. Find the balance you need to gain confidence and pursue your goals without letting the anxiety of the future or episodes from the past affect your current reality.

Remember that the higher the challenges we face, the better our rewards. We can achieve whatever we conceive; the bigger the effort, the greater the outcome; the higher the obstacles, the larger the satisfactions. Never allow obstacles to overcome your resources or setbacks to impose limitations on you. Our creative mind is able to defeat any challenge if we see any concern as an opportunity to grow and any failure as an occasion to learn. In the end, anything that happens to us is an opportunity to learn and possibility to succeed.

Sometimes we cannot control events. However, we can change the way we confront them. It is all about a positive attitude and unconventional choices. Remember that several researches say that facts dictate just a small part of our decisions, while the biggest portion comes from our reactions. That’s why it is important to take time to meditate about your responses to extreme circumstances. Consider the power and influence of your responses and the effects of your decisions because your attitude has more impact than the situation itself. Your attitude promotes actions, and your choices embrace consequences. It is up to you to find the alternatives to dealing with issues or concerns. It is why calm, meditated and informed decisions are crucial when addressing life setbacks.

Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Since opportunities and struggles are really in the eye of the beholder, make a point to learn from your experiences. When facing obstacles in the future, keep in mind the difference between concerns and worries. Concerns imply a proactive approach, while worries lend themselves to pessimism.

According to Dale Carnegie, “Concern means realizing what the problems are and calmly taking steps to meet them. Worrying means going around in maddening, futile circles.”

Attitude matters, and it will determine if you are right or wrong; happy or sad; a winner or a loser. It is all in our attitude.

As American writer William Arthur Ward said, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.”

Remember, what we think is what we tend to do, and what we do is what we become. Consequently, be present, enjoy what you have and learn from any life experiences.

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