Creating a Pathway to Prosperity

Prosperity as well as success may look different from all of us. The reason is that it may be based in the lenses that we use to see life and its unimaginable perspectives. The truth is, it starts in our self-consciousness. Of course, in order to create a pathway to prosperity, the minimum commitment should come from our attitude, while the confidence can arise from our self-trust and commitment to 
ensure self-confidence.
In order to start the process of success and to consolidate permanent avenues of happiness in our life, we should start first by reflecting the parameters of our self-image and monitoring the good standing of our self-esteem. The field of possibility is created first and foremost in our attitude and recreated later in our ways of thinking, followed by the self-accountability demonstrated in our ways of acting.
Yes, one can get feedback and encouragement from the outside, but the commitment, trust and belief system comes primarily from within. External factors influence change and motivate the conversion though process, but the decision to do it comes mainly from our internal self. It is why awareness is so important and needed. Awareness gives us an opportunity; however, the commitment to pursuit is set by our attitude while the decision to lead is fabricated by our knowledge and skills, supported by our feelings and reinforced by our spirit.

It is the field of wholeness where ownership is granted and trust is built. One of the most powerful motivations comes from the exercise of high self-esteem and the virtue of experiencing self-respect from what you do, but fundamentally from who you are. Self-esteem is by default a self-energizer that depends almost exclusively on the size of your confidence. On the other hand, a sense of pride implies the privilege of feeling both the internal confidence of your own self and the external perception of what others think about you. If you want to achieve success or create prosperity, you should start thinking and acting at the same time so rationality and emotions can be tuned in order to achieve whatever we would like to get from life. Remember that the pathway to success or the route to prosperity is your choice.

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