Every Single Act Matters

By Sandra Tamez

This summer, I had the chance to take a vacation, to have family over and to enjoy some free time.  It didn’t matter what I was doing during these activities; I tried to be aware and thankful for the people who make my life easier, more comfortable and happier. I worked hard to earn the right of having all those gifts, experiences and some resting time through a long period of being really busy building and modeling my own life through and for others – taking care of my family, my jobs and my responsibilities.

I had the chance to value all the tiny and humungous acts and things that every human being who crossed my way did and are still doing, helping to make my life beautiful and perfect.

I also realized that I invest a lot in making a difference in someone else’s life with simple and quotidian acts, like to mop, serve, clean up, cook, drive, play, sing, entertain, collect, transport, teach, plan, build, do laundry, dry clean, plant, harvest, pack, heal, defend, protect, bake, place, act and write. All of us are spending our lives doing something – working on something, inventing something, taking care of some one, building something, someway.

Have you ever thought about that artisanal baker who made the piece of bread you enjoyed for breakfast this morning? Or the person who grew the carrots or the apples you have as a snack between meals? Or the driver of the bus or the taxi who drove you somewhere?  Or about the person who keeps everything clean and neat on the shelves at the grocery store you purchased your goodies? What about the lady who does your hair at the salon? Or the manager at the bank who helped you solve an issue with your account? That tired server who brought your meals to the table? Do you remember the face of the nurse who took your temperature and blood pressure at the doctor’s office? Or the scientist who travels around the world, looking for knowledge in order to create a better drug or treatment with the purpose to find a cure? The painter who invested hours rolling up and down and protecting the edges and the trim of your walls to make your home prettier?

And what about the executive who spends hours building a worldwide infrastructure to make it  possible to find a chocolate bar on a shelf of a remote gas station in the middle of nowhere?

The electrician who installed a new outlet that makes your appliances work more effectively and makes your life easier? Or the responsibility of a pilot of a plane or the captain of a ship who takes care of transporting thousands of lives and goods every where, every day?

Have you noticed that every single soul who crosses your way every minute, every day of your life, makes the difference in the outcome?

We spend our life looking for something – a life, a future – but the only moment that is real is the present one. The one single moment that we are living this precise minute, surrounded by the people who are creating your own reality and experience of life. Your own life, reality and the way you handle it and develop is also making someone else’s life different.

I hope my words and your reading are impacting your life in a marvelous way. Maybe my reflections would help to improve your own vision of the reality that you call life, because every single act matters.


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