Face to Face: Zory Alemany

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 4.02.34 PMHer bubbly personality is contagious, making it easy to see why the transition from her native Puerto Rico to the United States was effortless.  “My family relocated to Florida when I was 10 years old because of the job opportunities there for my father. I quickly took a liking and appreciation to this beautiful country. Everyone rolls out the welcome mat for you no matter where you go,” says Alemany.

When the family returned to Puerto Ricl several years later, Alemany knew in her heart she would return to America some day.

“Even at a young age, I knew there was more opportunity and a chance for a better education in the U.S. I love Puerto Rico, as it is where my roots are, but I also knew bigger things awaited me in the U.S.”

While in Puerto Rico, she married and had three children. She was, however, back in the U.S. Within 10 years due to a divorce and ready to start her next chapter in life.

“I got divorced and decided to take myself and my kids to the United States. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it all happen and didn’t have a lot of money or any specific plan, but I knew there were jobs here.  I wanted my children to be bi-lingual and to have the best education possible, so that’s where we needed to be,” says Alemany.

Since she had relatives in the Central Pennsylvania area, that is where she decided to make her home. She soon found employment at a temp agency, working at different locations and eventually securing fulltime employment as an administrative coordinator with Humana – where she stayed for the next eight years.

“I really enjoyed it at Humana and learned so much and am grateful for the opportunity they provided me. I was a single mom trying to raise my kids. My primary goal was making sure we had a roof over our head, food on the table and that my children received a good education and were taught to speak English as early as possible. Having the job at Humana helped me accomplish that goal and to provide for myself and my children.”

Always faithful to her native roots, Alemany and her children would make frequent trips to Puerto Rico tovisit and stay connected with her family. One visit in particular would add yet another chapter to her life.  “I was on vacation in Puerto Rico and met a wonderful man. We dated for two years and married nine months ago. He is now here in the U.S. working and going to school, learning English as a second language. He has a degree in business marketing and is looking forward to applying his talents here. It’s working out beautifully.”

Alemany is equally excited and proud of her three children, all of whom graduated from high school, speak English and have adjusted well to living here in this country.

“My son just graduated from college with an associate’s degree in criminal justice, and I’m expecting my first granddaughter any day. Every day I look at them, I know I made the right decision.”

Alemany and her husband would like to relocate within the next several years to experience a different part of America. “At first we were thinking Florida. I love the heat! I have truly enjoyed my time here in Pennsylvania, and one of the things I love most was being able to experience all four seasons, which I didn’t have in Puerto Rico or Florida. And while I loved seeing the snow, I have to admit this past winter was an eye opener for me. I’ve never seen so much of it. So, ideally, we’ll probably move someplace a little warmer, but then again, we could just point out a place on the map and go. Who knows where we’ll end up this time.”


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