From Systemic Thinking to Strategic Decision Making

OrtizEveryone should take the time to make decisions based on informed decisions utilizing a systemic – yet strategic – decision-making process. I understand that sometimes all of the information may not be available, or an immediate intervention may be required. In one way or another, one should rely on what one has available at hand.
However, anyone should also try to use the four elements of any thinking approach: intellect (the rationality of what is done), emotional intelligence (the emotions and sentiments involved in what one is doing), body language (the visible portion of our holistic self) and the spiritual component (the nonphysical aspect of us).
In order to move from systemic thinking to strategic decision-making, one should understand that plans and strategies are fundamental in the decision-making process. I understand that many times things happen unexpectedly and decisions have to be made based on the facts and the evidence that is available. For example, when my mother passed away, I felt alone; I did not understand what just happened to our family.
However, after a meaningful reflection, I accepted the situation and became the leader of my family to assure everyone accepted the circumstance at face value. It did not take away my psychological pain, but it helped to use my leadership abilities and accept the circumstances as they came. It is why experience and expertise are fundamental in order to apply strategic actions in our decision-making process.
Experience and expertise are fundamental, but they are different. Sometimes, people tend to use these words as synonyms.
Experience and the expertise become essential especially when one has to deal with decisions that have to be made when all the information is not available or all the facts have not been researched adequately.
A person who has experience is a person who certainly knows how to act when information is not available by any means.
Expertise, on the other hand, means that one knows where to go or who to check with when one doesn’t know how to do something by himself or herself. Experience and expertise has become an extraordinary asset if one is able to acquire to confront the daily challenges of life.

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