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2-hochendonerby Scott Campbell

Accomplished Painter is Long-Time Contributor to Local Fine Arts ñ Part II

Given her formal training, it is no surprise that Hochendoner is a realist. But that realism can be infused with intense color and characterized by quasi-surreal compositions. “Maya introduced me to color,” says the artist. “I never got that out of my blood. Liz Osborne is a Philadelphia-based painter whose color field pieces have also had an impact on my work. And I admire the lyrical interpretations of landscapes by the 19th century Swiss painter, Ferdinand Hodler.”

4-hochendonerHochendoner recently returned to the Academy to study portraiture, a genre for which she had little interest in the past. Her striking efforts, with warm hues and luminous qualities, are achieved in part through transparent glazes.

The artist generally works from life, beginning with the customary application of washes and creating an imprimatura that she describes as “capricious and lively.” Eventually, patterns and forms emerge, and she continues to refine the composition.

A style of sable brush known as cat’s tongue is her tool for blending and facial tones. Bristle Filberts are used for drawing, scrubbing and scumbling. She favors Winsor-Newton oils, but works with other brands as the need requires. A 50/50 mixture of stand oil and turpenoid is the blending and glazing medium. All of it ends up on Ampersand gesso board. “I like the surface for portraits,” says Hochendoner.3-hochendoner “It’s smooth and kinder to my brushes than canvas. Even so, I go through a lot of brushes.”

The Lynden Gallery in Elizabethtown is currently featuring Hochendoner’s paintings, and she is also in the “Figuratively Speaking” show at the Art Association of Harrisburg (through February 19). Her work is part of the State Museum’s permanent collection. Other collections, exhibitions and awards are too numerous to include in this limited space.


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