Gratitude and a Holistic View Two Basic Elements to Better Enjoy Life

By Dr. Hector Ortiz

Giving thanks for what we have and enjoying any opportunity we receive is fundamental to better enjoy life. People have uncountable opportunities to do something unique and great during their transitory existence. The great news is that we have that opportunity any single day. We can add value to any second of our lifetime if we are in charge of our own lives and make the right decisions.

Sometimes we know what we get, but we rarely acknowledge what we already have. You must become aware that you can create positive thinking in yourself and in others. It is all in the power of your attitude. Make sure to focus your attention on the power of your assets and then use those gifts and concentrate your efforts on positive outcomes. Everything begins with individual commitment and the expectations of your inner-self. Positive thoughts and spiritual convictions ar e unstoppable forces.

That is why we need a healthy body, strong mind and robust spirit if we want to confront the challenges of life. Our entire organism works every second of our life. Some cells die and others grow; it is just a reflection, on a small scale, of the greatness of life’s evolution. We must accept that body and mind become vulnerable to degenerative diseases as our immune system declines. Nonetheless, we should consider healthy choices and use preventable approaches to reduce painful and lethal diseases.

To enjoy our whole life and find physical and emotional stability, we should take appropriate care of ourselves. René Descartes in his Discourse on Method taught us, “To be possessed of a vigorous mind is not enough. The prime requisite is rightly to apply it.” Whatever our choices, the most important thing is to follow and apply them consistently. That includes, but it is not limited to, giving love, sharing solidarity, procreating and taking care of your own body and environment. If you add to these basic guidelines the important components of faith and emotional/spiritual confidence, then you can commit yourself to a trustful relationship with God. Be grateful for what you get, express gratitude for what you have and live your life in a holistic way so you can enjoy a rewarding and meaningful life.


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