Highmark’s Health Equity and Quality Services (HEQS) is rolling out a new program in Harrisburg called “Seven Steps to Good Health,” which was created to provide the Hispanic/Latino community with information and resources about staying healthy and managing conditions of the heart, lungs, kidney, eyes, bones, joints, muscles, teeth and skin. Two faith-based sites in Harrisburg are participating in the program by following each of the seven steps below, one per month (order of the steps varies on location).

1.       Good health by eating healthfully

2.       Good care of your body by being physically active

3.       Good care of your blood pressure

4.       Good care of your teeth

5.       Importance of seeing a doctor

6.       Good hygiene and skin care

7.       Know the facts about diabetes and lower risk


Last month, St. Francis of Assisi in Harrisburg, one of the two faith-based sites, held its kick-off event, a celebration of healthful cooking. The event promoted healthful cooking/eating and honored mothers for their role in families’ healthful eating/cooking habits. At the event, attendees were provided with bilingual healthful eating cook books featuring Latino recipes, as well as information sheets outlining the Seven Steps to Good Health. A meal was prepared in celebration of the event, using recipes from the cook book, including pupusas revueltas (Salvadorian-style stuffed masa cakes) and encurtido Salvadoreño (Salvadorian pickled cabbage).


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