How to Live a Life of Pleasure and Meaning

Life balance is required to live a life of pleasure and meaning. This balance can be observed from different parameters, but one of them is certainly determined by the equilibrium between the privilege of getting and the virtue of giving. As you may agree, our lifetime on earth is finite. In other words, life is not forever, and with or without our consent, one day our life will evaporate its physical presence. Consequently, we all should be engaged in balancing both giving and receiving without forgetting that “the more that one gives, the more that one receives.”

I certainly agree with the principle that teaches us to “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Nevertheless, this action itself may not be enough. I accept that it may be better to “teach” somebody how to get something instead of just merely “giving” because we may also make others used to just begging for something.Hector Ortiz

The reality is that, in many places, millions of people suffer from the impact of generational poverty, lack of self-esteem and social injustice. What happens is that the potential for optimism and any advice of looking for proactive thoughts seem blocked by the desperation of the moment and the influence of reactive approaches instead of meditated responses. The fact is that, in most of these cases, the lack of resources forces people to merely exist instead of actively living.

The result is that many become marginalized and suffer from the silence of a steadfast and unfair system. However, even for people in these cases, I recommend that they make an inventory of their values and possessions so they can better appreciate their talents and gifts before they treat themselves badly. The case is typical, not just in the areas of socio-economic differences, but also in the fields of emotional distress and lack of spiritual fulfillment.

If an individual, family or community needs assistance, there is nothing wrong with their accepting help and support provided for the purpose it was conceived and if it is received just as temporary restraint. A permanent reliance on others can stunt natural abilities, increase anxiety and prevent independence.

One thing is clear, everything in life has a price, and every right implies a responsibility.

Neither living permanently on the charity of others nor praying in a pew without demonstrating commitment to action is the answer. As the scriptures say, “God gives every birth its food but He does not throw it into its nets.” So, let us wake up and become accountable for our own decisions. Consequently, the creation of our destiny is only ours.

Remember that we did not bring anything with us when we were born, and we will not take anything when we die. At the beginning and end of life, the only concern is our spiritual and emotional relationships. Then, why not dedicate more time to building what is really important for our life’s journey? We are already wealthy in many ways; we just have to become conscious of it. We possess a body, a mind, a soul and a heart; let’s use it by giving and receiving accordingly while living and enjoying a life of joy and meaning.

Dr. Hector Richard Ortiz

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