Intention and Imagination: A Decision That Can Help Us Experience Joy

We can all experience joy and pursue a life of pleasure. One of the first steps is to make the decision to live our life as it is, instead of wasting our precious time in waiting for the life as we would like it to be. The commitment to live a pleasurable life may come, from time to time, from outside, but most times, it will come from inside. In other words, to contemplate the beauty of life, one has to make a mental commitment to see, hear, perceive and feel the life that we already have.

It is in the willingness of our attitude and the decision to contemplate the greatest events as well as the simplest things that take place here and all around the world. Joy flows if we accept our power of choice. All is in the power of our imagination. What we need is a firm intention so an initial desire can be conceived and transformed into a concrete reality. Yes, there will be a price to pay and an effort to fulfill, but anything is possible and reachable because everything starts with a proactive attitude.

As Buddha wrote, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”

Imagination gives us an ability to visualize the future by moving ideas until they become reachable realities. The power of imagination helps us form mental pictures so we can visualize a positive future. While it takes time to develop this tactic, it is one of the easiest ways to tap into the power of realization. When you see something in the mental model structure, it turns into your truth. Imagination crystallizes the things that others cannot see, but it also gives us the ability to enjoy those things before they become realities.

Proactive thinking takes place when people assume responsibility for their acts. The right to act in a responsible way is a moral and ethical commitment that all human beings must pursue. If we have identified our gifts and recognized our assets, then we should change our attitude and move from the side of the simple observer to the active doer. If we decide to be actors in life instead of mere observers, then we can clarify our intentions, imagine and visualize our desired future and enjoy the beauty of life every second that we have the privilege to live.

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