La Basura de Otros Es El Tesoro De Un Escultor

Of his occupation as a junk sculptor, Jason Lyons declares, “I always knew that this is what I wanted to do.” The 43-year-old Texas native became a graphic artist, but pursued his sculpture interest on the side. “I happened upon the animal motif,” he says, “and my first piece was an armadillo made from horseshoes.”

Lyons and his wife moved to Harrisburg in 2006. Three years ago, he became a full-time sculptor. The detached one-car garage behind Lyons’ home is his workshop. Within it are plastic boxes full of miscellany, the fruit of visits to garage sales, antique shops and scrap yards. The work station boasts a welder, several grinders, a metal cutter, drill press and an assortment of clamps and other useful tools.

Lyons’ primary medium is metal, but a new objective is to infuse sculptures with more color. “This is leading me away from metals and toward plastics and other synthetic materials,” he says.

Lyons has leased space in the new Millworks Artists Co-op, set to open in September. It is adjacent to Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market. His imaginative work can also be seen at the Village Artisans Gallery in Boiling Springs and the Perry County Council of the Arts in Newport.


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