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Isabel Stennett

Administrator, BOPiC, Inc.,Chambersburg

For the past 10 years, Isabel Stennett has successfully collaborated to administer, manage and provide neighborhood redevelopment/revitalization/outreach programs, summer educational enrichment and nutritional programs. In addition, Stennett provides a translation, interpreting and consulting service within Franklin County and the surrounding area.  Stennett de monstrates the executive education, leadership and operational skills necessary to communicate effectively to a diverse community.

Stennett’s services have been directed to the economically disadvantaged and immigrant populations residing in these communities. Businesses, municipalities, churches, nonprofit organizations, school districts, human services providers, small business owners and individuals rely on her to assist with their marketing, promotions, public relations, campaigns and networking to this specific targeted group of the community.

Stennett, a native of Venezuela, is a trusted, highly respected, professional leader within the culturally diverse and immigrant neighborhoods and communities who enhances the cultural connectivity of BOPiC, Inc.’s programs located in Chambersburg.


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