Leadership and Imagination

One of the simplest definitions of leadership says that a leader is the one who sees further and fastest a vision or an idea. Leadership implies commitment to a pursuit as well as the ability to communicate the common shared goal with others.

In whatever way we interpret leadership – as a trait, skill, style or as a process – we will always have an opportunity to learn and enhance our leadership potential. Leadership can be learned and improved as we move forward in our journey to self-discovery.

A leader has to know where he or she is going. One of the routes to find where we would like to be is by using the power of imagination and many of the proactive mental models that make our finest desired future reachable. Mental models can help abstract dreams become reality. Mental models are alternative ways to simplify and conceptualize ideas so that anything you think and dream looks possible. It is all in the power of your imagination. A mental model is a concept you pick from your intellect and place inside the mind’s emotional site so it appears concrete and feasible.

What leaders and people need is a firm intention, so that the initial idea can be transformed into a concrete and realistic realization. Everything starts with a proactive attitude.

As Buddha wrote, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”

Imagination is one of the greatest assets of leaders, but it is also one of the abilities that an individual can develop if they start believing in themselves. The power of imagination gives us an ability to visualize the future by moving ideas until they become reachable realities.

The power of imagination helps people form mental pictures so we can visualize a positive future. While it takes time to develop this tactic, it is one of the easiest ways to transform dreams into realities.

Visualization is the key.

As Norman Vincent Peale says, “Visualization means holding the image of yourself succeeding, visualizing it so vividly that when the desired success comes, it seems to be merely echoing a reality that has already existed in your mind.”

As such, clarify your intentions, imagine and visualize your desired future, adapt to change and enjoy the beauty and the greatness that life offers to all of us.

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