“Los Monstros” is based in the Central/Eastern Pa. region.  Forming in late 2010, they bring a unique blend of cultures to the table in their own blend of romantic bachata, English pop/dance, reggae, salsa and merengue music. One of the primary contributions to the originality of their sound is the fact that the lead singer is not even of Hispanic origin and actually entered the world of  latin music as a merengue trumpet player.  Still he nurtures his own love of singing as well as his desire to create musical and cultural fusion by blending his own romantic vocal style, along with the unique personal musical stylings of the rest of the band, together into a new expression of the most popular Latin, English and international dance music of today.

Band Members:

FRONT: Kyle Kettering, Betsy Guzman

RITMO: Ray “Buron” David, Jonathan Rivera, Pedro Antonetty, Miguel Morciglio

HORNS: Chris Hostetter – trumpet/trombone, John Stoudt – trumpet, Brandon Hollinger saxophones

PIANO/BASS/KEYS/GUITAR: Andy Warren, Dennis Pou, Ricardo Guerrero, Welington Marte

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