Love and Positive Thinking

11324546_mlPositive thinking and love have many things in common. Both of them have to be not only realistic and objective, but also practical. If you think and not act, it is like those who pretend to harvest without sowing or those who unfortunately exist without living. In order to get love, one has to generate or provide love. In order to create positive thinking, one has to materialize a positive-thinking approach. I know that, from time to time, we can think that we cannot always stay positive or always generate love.

It is understood that when one faces unpredictable situations, the mood to stay positive may not automatically be there. However, what I am talking about is not the absurdity of laughing in times of sorrow. What I am talking and writing about is the commitment to bring a predisposition toward positive thinking, which solely comes from a willingness to accept any situation as they are, – just a temporary reality.

Problems are a part of human existence, therefore it is impossible to pretend to remove them forever from our lives. I accept that, in some cases, certain circumstances can be prevented, but problems cannot be completely removed. We could see the barriers to success as enemies, but it is better to think of them as elements that will finally bring pleasure and satisfaction. Hector OrtizThe fact is that when we overcome them and achieve our most desired goals, we will bring satisfaction and joy to our side. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Remember that accepting the circumstances without denying or complaining bitterly about them helps break the cycle of a problem’s regeneration and helps us to invest our time and energy on activities that solve the problems. Love and positive thinking may make the difference. In the month of February, as we celebrate the month of love and friendship, let us commit to kindness, love and positive thinking as this attitude will help us to enjoy the privilege of living even more.

Since nothing is eternal and absolute, and because everything is temporary and relative, let us accept the fact that any circumstance is just a temporary condition. Consequently, let us make our best effort to think and love in a positive, realistic and objective way by balancing our rational, emotional and spiritual way of thinking. We are what we think, which defines what we will become. Love and positive thinking makes the difference. The choice is ours, so let us think, love and act positively, and our lives will become better. Happy San Valentin!

Dr. Hector Richard Ortiz

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