Love, Time and Treasure: How to better use them

Life is a great privilege, an outstanding miracle and a unique experience. It is why one must preserve three fundamental resources that all can have, produce or generate: love, time and treasure. These three factors are some of the most valuable resources to make life worthy
and pleasurable.


Love is indeed one of the greatest treasures one can freely give and kindly acquire. Even the
bible talks about “loving one another.” Love, kindness and care are the most appreciated sentiments that one can give and receive. The issue is that to get love, one must be willing to also provide it. However, true love is unconditional;
it does not look for reciprocity that can be bought or demanded.


Time is priceless, invaluable and so precious that one should consciously acknowledge and value any second that we have the privilege to live. Anything that exists is encompassed in the framework of time. It is why time management is an essential part of the planning and organizing process. Time is a finite gift, so we must manage it astutely.
Do not waste your time by looking for the perfect or ideal moment to do things. The ability to recognize opportunities will guide you on the right course and to the precise conditions. Time is a mysterious treasure. Philosophically, it exists only in the present. Once it’s gone, it becomes part of our memories.


The future is something most likely expected; it is part of an undefined future. However, we are based on what we think, and we become based on what we do. As William Penn says, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”


Finally, the importance of treasure, money or material possessions – they are certainly needed. They can alleviate basic needs, but when they are achieved, more money or additional material possessions cannot provide more love, time or happiness. The key function is to promote love, invest your time and spend your treasure wisely.
It is why you should be aware of these
meaningful resources that most likely we can possess. The wisdom relies on how you use, invest and spend them in fulfilling our mission and purpose in this transitional presence on earth, so “live simply, love generously and care deeply.” ◆

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