Nicaraguan Ambassador to the United States Set to Visit Gettysburg

April 22- 14

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 2.24.11 PMGETTYSBURG, PA –In a much anticipated visit, Ambassador Francisco Obadiah Campbell Hooker of Nicaragua and his wife, Miriam Hooker, will travel from the Nicaraguan Embassy in Washington, DC to Gettysburg April 22-24, participating in a wide range of activities while here.

The ambassador’s first major event will be his presentation as the invited speaker for the 2014 Blavatt Lecture, an annual event  at Gettysburg College organized by the Blavatt family and the Eisenhower Institute.  The Blavatt Lecture is designed for noted speakers to address political issues, with regional and state officials as invited guests, according to a Gettysburg College news release.

On Wednesday, April 23 Ambassador Campbell will participate in several events on and off the Gettysburg College Campus, including a guided tour of the battlefield and a formal dinner.

Thursday, April 23 will feature an excursion to upper Adams County to see farms of the Young Grower Alliance and a visit to the Rice Fruit Company.  The Ambassador and his wife will also meet with teachers and staff of the Gettysburg Area Schools. The day will conclude with a dinner meeting of the Executive Committee of Project Gettysburg/Leon, administered through the Gettysburg College Center for Public Service.

According to the college, one potential topic for discussion during the Ambassador’s visit will be a program encouraged by President Obama, “100,000 Strong in the America’s,”  an initiative that can benefit from cooperative efforts between citizens in places such as Adams County and Nicaragua.

A noted foreign service professional, Ambassador Campbell’s diplomatic career began in 1982 when he served on the staff of the Nicaraguan Embassy in Washington, DC.  Since then he has had an extensive and influential career, including  serving from 1997-2010 as an elected Nicaraguan member of the Central American Parliament. In addition to heading Nicaragua’s diplomatic mission to the United States he is president of the Center for Human, Civil and Autonomous Rights (CEDEHCA) in Nicaragua.


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