No, really – get paid for your opinion!

Businesses want the opinions of the Hispanic/Latino community. Why? Because this demographic is one of the fastest growing in the United States. According to the United States Census, as of 2013 the Hispanic population was the nation’s largest ethnicity with 17 percent of the total population – and it is growing.

So why are the opinions of this community so important? Knowing how a consumer thinks when purchasing an item or how a person feels about an issue can drive business decisions in a positive and successful path. Because this community of people is experiencing growth, businesses want to understand how the Hispanic/Latino community thinks and feels about products or issues. To fully understand, businesses are conducting research by working with marketing firms to determine an objective and to whom this objective should be targeted. Industries such as finance, healthcare, banking, food, advertising, politics, entertainment and education are a few types of industries doing research.

Research geared toward how a person thinks and feels is called Qualitative Research because it seeks to understand the “why” and “how” of making decisions. The most popular vehicle for this type of research are Focus Group studies. At a Focus Group study qualified respondents – usually between 8 to 12 – will sit at a table with a moderator who will lead a group discussion on a topic of interest to a client. This study is captured on video and normally the client sits behind a one-way mirror to observe.

The Bartlett Group in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania conducts Focus Group studies. We work with clients from all over the United States to field studies here in the Central Pennsylvania area. As we work with these clients we are finding they are most interested in the opinions of the Hispanic/Latino community. To meet the needs of our clients we are growing the database of respondents from that community. The Bartlett Group’s database of potential respondents’ supplies something called a market research panel for each study. A panel is a group a respondents who may be qualified for that particular study. Once this panel of respondents are identified they are sent an email asking if they wish to be screened. If they agree, they receive a call asking them a series of questions to see if they qualify. Once qualified, they are scheduled for a study and at the end of the one and a half or two hours – the time in which a study fields – they are paid for their participation.

Please give considerable thought to joining a Bartlett Group panel by going to and follow the directions for becoming a very important part of research. Your opinion can promote change and make a difference!

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