Paul Mango: The Truth

**Info provided by Lisa Vranicar-Patton with Mango for Governor**

Wagner’s lie: Paul Mango outsourced jobs to India and Mexico

The truth: Paul Mango has spent 25 years helping companies to be more successful, focusing in particular on hospitals and helping them to provide more patient-centered health care by providing greater access and cost affordability. He built a $500 million business serving clients globally. Paul has advised some of the largest companies in 35 different countries. He has never laid anyone off in his life.

Wagner’s lie: Paul Mango supported Obamacare

The truth: Paul Mango has been fighting against Obamacare for almost a decade. Wagner took an article where TheEconomist asked Paul why the American Hospital Association would support Obamacare, not Paul’s personal views. Paul gave a factual statement about health care economics, as he does for dozens of other leading publications as an expert on health care economics.

Obamacare has been a disaster. Since Governor Wolf,’s Medicaid expansion, premiums on the individual market have doubled, choice has collapsed, and deductibles are around $6,000 per year. Meanwhile, Senator Wagner has been in the Senate for four years and has done nothing. In fact, Scott Wagner and Tom Wolf believe that the Medicaid expansion would save Pennsylvania $500 million. Paul disagrees.

From Day One of this race, Paul has been very clear about what needs to happen to fix Pennsylvania’s broken health care system. We must focus on consumer centric health care, transparency, managing chronic diseases, and promoting wellness to increase access and affordability.

Paul would welcome the opportunity to debate Senator Wagner on health care policy economics any time, any place. Unfortunately, we already know that Sen. Wagner would decide not to show up.

Wagner’s lie: Paul Mango received a $2M contract from Gov. Tom Wolf

The truth: McKinsey is a company with 27,000 employees globally. Paul Mango has never met Gov. Wolf. He has not met anyone on his staff. He certainly hasn’t done any work for Governor Wolf, much less on this work. Isn’t it disgraceful that a Chief Executive has to hire an outside firm to perform the most basic government functions when he has 73,000 state employees to perform this task already?

Meanwhile, Sen. Wagner was voting no and throwing a temper tantrum, claiming that he was going to be in in the “back of the room with a baseball bat” to make sure that we got a budget done. Three years in, the Governor has still not signed a single budget. How is that working out for Pennsylvania?

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