Positive Thoughts Are All About Controlling Your Emotions

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One of the life purposes should be to utilize the power of positive thinking, so you can enjoy the best of life. However, as Dale Carnegie advises, “Circumstances alone do not make us happy or unhappy. It is the way we react to circumstances that determines our feelings.” Rationality is just one part of your brain. The second part is the emotional component shared by your mind and feelings.

In our interaction with different personalities, cultures and traditions in the world, we often find disagreement. This is why we need an open mind, positive attitude and proactive emotional approach so we can adjust our frame of mind and better understand differences. This is where our emotional side plays a significant role in maintaining positive thinking. It affects both the way you treat yourself and the way you deal with others. Consequently, try to keep all disagreements in the field of ideas instead of the sensibility of emotions. It is normal to disagree but unproductive to argue. When confronted by a difference of opinion, speak out about anything related to the subject, but try to avoid involving personal or cultural differences.

The only exception to mentioning the personal characteristics of an individual would be when you are making positive comments. Otherwise, it is best to keep your mouth closed. Sometimes that is not easy, but you can do it. It will help your relationships endure and improve. It is a valuable attribute to remain humble during triumphs and acquiescent in failure. It is a matter of wisdom to show real interest, compassion and solidarity for others instead of merely criticizing or censuring.

Do not judge. Analyze issues instead of personalities. Do not dwell on things that did not occur or might never happen. It is unproductive and usually results in broken relationships. Often, when you judge and criticize others, it comes from a lack of sensitivity and poor management skills. Fear of our own limitations is also a factor, especially when we are facing risk. Still, it is better to make mistakes than to fail to take the initiative and confront your own fears.

Take the lead, make your best effort and learn to do even better the next time you receive an opportunity. Avoid criticizing. If your opinion is requested, be generous in your comments and diplomatic in your censures. It is one of the wisest rules for gaining friends and avoiding enemies, seeking happiness and lowering suffering. Remember, positive thoughts can help you manage your emotions.

Dr. Hector Richard Ortiz

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