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Armando Martinez, owner of Roxy’s Café (274 North St., Harrisburg) exemplifies what good things can happen to those who work hard, dedicate themselves and always think in a positive way.

Martinez was born in Mexico, he immigrated to the United States and has been living and cooking here for the last 20 years. Throughout his life, Martinez has worked in many different restaurants, learning how to expertly prepare various types of cuisine. While he loved cooking for these restaurants, he couldn’t ignore his dreams any longer. Martinez dreamed of owning his own restaurant and serving delicious home-style cooking at an affordable price point, all in a place that felt like home. Martinez was tenacious in pursuing his dream, working hard until he made that dream a reality.

In 2012, Martinez bought Roxy’s Café. He saw why Roxy’s Café was a breakfast and lunch favorite for the last 16 years, and he felt he could tweak it with just the right personal touches to continue its legacy and also to make it the perfect family restaurant. Martinez saw that people flocked to Roxy’s Café for their favorite breakfast and lunch dishes. He preserved all the best parts about Roxy’s Cafe and added some great details.

All of the dishes at Roxy’s Café are crafted with love and care. Each plate is homemade, and you can taste that care and attention. At Roxy’s, customer-favorite egg dishes, burgers, sandwiches and lunch salads are now made with local and fresh ingredients. In addition, Martinez has plans to introduce more Hispanic food. Obviously, the addition of Latino dishes would certainly appeal to the Hispanic community, but he feels the Harrisburg population has an open-minded palate and would be interested in the flavors and tastes of his culture.

Martinez feels he is a great example for all Hispanic people who work hard every day in the restaurant business. He believes that they too can have a successful business, whether it be a restaurant or any other field.

Martinez worked every level of his business, from starting out as a dishwasher and prep cook, to sous cook and chef, to finally restaurant owner.

Most Latinos start out the same way as he did, Martinez says. “I wasn’t born here. But, I did it. I fulfilled my dream. If I can, they can!”

Currently, Martinez is improving and updating Roxy’s Café. There are plans for opening another but not in the near future.

Martinez understands the importance of the entire dining experience. At Roxy’s Café, you and your family will feel welcome, and you’ll want to return again and again to your new favorite neighborhood restaurant. At Roxy’s, you’ll find the best tasting food, at the most affordable price point, all in a restaurant you’ll want to call home.

Ali Waxman

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