Scientist Commits to Training the Next Generation of STEM Students

Penn State HMC College of Medicine NIH-NCI Funded Leading Research Health Disparities Scientist Dr. Oralia Dominic will transition to adjunct faculty of Public Health Sciences (PHS) and Biobehavioral Health (BBH) to join a local inner-city school district full-time.

Dominic will teach students science, training the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals while having HBGSD students fall in love with science at a young age.

“There is a workforce shortage across STEM industries, and I am confident that we at the district are well-positioned to help close this persistent gap, and I am fully committed to do my part,” states Dominic.

Dominic’s efforts align with the district’s mission to ensure that students are motivated and prepared to compete and succeed beyond high-school graduation in 21st-Century global markets.

“I see a lot of potential in our HBGSD students and encourage other scientists and university professors to invest in our secondary students’ academic-success programs,” says Dominic.

Dominic is setting a trend in this rare and unchartered pathway. She is hopeful that other scientists will follow and answer the call.

Dominic will spearhead the campus-wide science fairs and encourage students (and their families), as well as the local communities they live in to join with these efforts. Science fairs are fun activities for the entire community. The science fairs focus on student-centered rigorous exponential learning opportunities for students to design, test and evaluate their own innovative ideas. These efforts may lead their discovery to translate for public, industry and clinic use. This will directly impact student’s academic performance, skill-building and career-path options in a positive way.

The district, including its Title I MMSA campus – under the leadership of Marisol Craig, Ryan Jones, Leni Cordero and outstanding faculty and staff – is technologically advanced, being among the first in the nation to have an award-winning STEM aquaponics model and program in a middle school. The model is now utilized in India and serves their indigenous people.


Dominic will work with the district’s dynamic leadership and team of faculty and staff.

“We are hopeful that our student-success programs will serve as an evidence-based model for other school districts in Pennsylvania and the nation to follow,” says Dominic.

In pursuit of educational excellence, the district aims to empower all students to become high academic achievers and lifelong learners who understand the need for a rigorous and diversified education and who are motivated and prepared to compete and succeed beyond high-school graduation in the 21st Century.

To learn more, volunteer or make a donation to support STEM (also STEAM) programs at the district, please contact the district’s communications director at or MMSA leadership at, or

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