Seeing Actions as Opportunities

Every action has the equivalent power to bring sadness or pleasure, but the decision is exclusively in the response of the beholder. Too often, we complain about things without considering the benefits of challenging our assumptions and conquering our fears. It is all about attitude. I have mentioned that a positive mind is power; a negative one is weakness. Sadly, the most common approach is to reject and react instead of dealing with an issue. When faced with a setback, we sometimes tend to look for a person or situation to blame so we can satisfy our ego, hide our lack of self-esteem or eliminate a basic sense of responsibility. Instead, do not just look for causes and consequences, but look for challenges and opportunities.

To respect ourselves, we must begin by taking responsibility for our way of thinking and acting. If one wants to discover the kindness, virtues and talents that all human beings possess, one must stop pointing fingers and blaming others for our bad mood, clumsiness or laziness, which are just the result of a bad attitude instead an apparent misfortune.

Keep in mind that, as Napoleon Hill said, “Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.” Often, we initiate some negative scenarios through our own erroneous mindset or when we fall under the influence of acquaintances that impose their bad habits on us. Generational negativity is a terrible disease, one that is very difficult to confront solely by one person involved in a cycle of pessimism. It may require an extra charge of energy combined with true positive relationships to break the circle of negative influences. However, I can ensure you that anything starts with the predisposition and strong commitment to see any event as an opportunity, instead of failures or punishments. As Konrad Adenahuer said, “We all live under the same sky. But we don’t all have the same horizon.”


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