Sometimes Attempts to Maintain Your Beauty Are Criminal

When the editor of La Voz Latina Central told me that the July issue would be about beauty and travel, I immediately began to conduct legal research into cases where those two important topics are combined, and I found an amazing story.  In April of 2011, a British citizen named Claudia Seye Aderotimi flew from England to Philadelphia to attend a cosmetic surgery procedure, which resulted in her death.  This story is absolutely true and should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who believes that they should pay less for cosmetic surgery in an attempt to maintain their own beauty.

The story began in a Philadelphia airport hotel in February of 2011.  Aderotimi was invited to a “pumping party” in a hotel room.  The person hosting the party, Padge Victoria Windslowe, conducted a non-licensed, illegal and very dangerous procedure.   Windslowe injected industrial-strength silicone into Aderotimi’s buttocks in an attempt to improve Aderotimi’s figure.  Windslowe then sealed the wounds with superglue and cotton balls and sent  Aderotimi on her way.  Aderotimi began complaining of chest pains, and Windslowe told her to drink fluids and call an ambulance, if necessary.   Aderotimi died a short time later of a pulmonary embolism, which law enforcement officials say was caused by the silicone injection.

Windslowe was not a licensed medical provider.  This procedure, known as a Brazilian buttocks lift, is an increasingly popular plastic surgery for women seeking voluptuous bodies. The procedure, if performedby a licensed medical practitioner, could cost several thousands of dollars.  Men are also increasingly injecting silicone into their bodies for the image of a “perfect body.”  This trend is extremely dangerous and can be detrimental to ones’ health, as well as being potentially fatal.

As an adult, you make health decisions on your own in terms of seeking out medical care.  Unlicensed practitioners are not only breaking the law, but they also most likely are uninsured and unable to compensate you if the procedure goes wrong.  According to the Associate Press, death from black market silicone buttocks injections have been reported in seven states, including Pennsylvania. In early June 2014, Windslowe plead guilty to murder for causing the death of Aderotimi.  Her sentencing is currently pending in the City of Philadelphia.  Clearly, the cost for her actions is very high, but Aderotimi’s decision to seek an inexpensive and illegal procedure cost her the ultimate price.

If you believe you have undergone a medical procedure from an unlicensed practitioner, you may have suffered emotional and physical damages.  If you have any questions about this article or the high cost of medical malpractice, please do not hesitate to contact our office at


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