Summer Safety Tips

Stay Safe this Summer

Stay safe and healthy by following these important safety tips and enjoy everything that summer has to offer.

Recreational Safety

Biking: Always wear a helmet, regardless of how old you are. Properly worn helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by more than 85 percent. Also, wear bright colors, reflective lights and use hand signals.

Swimming: Swim in areas with lifeguards, and always have young children under adult supervision when near water.

Playgrounds: Adults should actively supervise children on playgrounds.

Fire Safety

Grilling: Do not use the grill in a garage or under a surface that can catch fire. Keep children away from an open grill fire and flammable objects. Never leave a grill unattended. Keep lit cigarettes, matches and open flames away from the grill. Be sure to store charcoal lighter fluid out of the reach of children and away from heat sources.

Fireworks: Kids should never play with fireworks. Things like firecrackers, rockets and sparklers are just too dangerous. Sparklers, if used, should be adult-supervised. Never aim fireworks toward buildings or people. Do not set off fireworks in fire-hazard areas. Always have water on hand in case of an emergency.

Lightning safety: The first rule is to seek shelter. Look for a large, enclosed building when a thunder or lightning storm threatens. If you are in a car, and it has a hard top, stay inside and keep the windows rolled up. If you are inside, stay away from open windows, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, appliances and electric boxes and outlets. Do not shower or take a bath during a thunder or lightning storm. Avoid using landline telephones, except in an emergency.

Skin and Sun Safety

Watch out for bugs: To prevent insect-borne illnesses that are transmitted by mosquitoes (West Nile virus), ticks (Lyme Disease) and fleas (plague), follow a few simple tips. Avoid tick-infected areas (woods and tall grasses) and use insect and tick repellent containing 20 percent DEET. Always follow the directions when using insect repellent.

Sun safety: Avoid being outdoors during the midday if the sun is intense, and use sunscreen. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15, cover up with clothing, wear a brimmed hat and sunglasses for extra protection against harmful ultraviolet light.

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