The Dragon’s Predicament

Three years ago, my daughter brought home a bearded dragon pet.

What do you think about when you read the word dragon?

Bearded dragon’s are medium-sized lizards (12 to 24 inches in length from their head to the tip of their tail), and their different colors tell from where they came.

Its head is triangular-shaped and contains rows of spikes that resemble thorns. Beneath it, they have rows of spiked scales, which when puffed up, resemble a beard that can also change colors, turning darker when breeding.

They are omnivores (eats both plants and animals). When they are young, they consume 80 percent bugs and 20 percent plants. An adult’s diet will consist of 80 percent plants and 20 percent bugs and insects.

They are only naturally found in Australia’s desert regions, and their habitats include woodlands, savannahs and deserts. Introduced to the United States in the 1990s, they can be found in just about every major pet store.

Can a lizard have emotions and sensibility? The answer is yes.







When my daughter became a teenager, she found different interests that placed her commitment with her bearded dragon in a very far place. After some months, the reptile’s health condition turned to serious bodily harm. It stopped eating, growing and got skinny, fragile and pale. The lack of nutrients and the vital consumption of calcium went to zero, and the lizard was clearly dying because it didn’t feel attention or love anymore.

I learned that my daughter wasn’t ready to be in charge of another living creature, nor was I ready to delegate that important task to her.

We realized that the predicament of the dragon’s death or life was in our hands.

The dragon has been under a very careful rehab treatment since, feeding it by mouth and giving her water with a syringe. Moving her body in our hand all around in order for her to be able to chase the crickets and worms, the dragon has been gaining weight, strength and becoming more alert every day.

It is a brave, little bearded dragon, who wont grow up as big and as strong as it should, but it will always be an amazing doting teacher of care and love – a real courageous dragon fighter.

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