The Only Constant is the Permanent Change

By Sandra Tamez

Once upon a time, I don’t know how, we assumed that life should permanently stay nice, fun and calm, until we realized there is pain, suffering, loss, sadness, frustration, disagreement, intolerance, racism, envy and jealousy.  Then, we started living our lives, trying to hold the greatest moments in order to feel that we have a happy life, but soon we realized that, if we try to do so, we are condemned to live miserable lives forever and ever.

By the moment we become aware that there is no such a thing as living happily ever after, we shouldn’t loose that perspective anymore. Otherwise, we are doomed to fail and to suffer over and over.

There are plenty of beliefs and ancestral religions and philosophies that were created with the purpose to teach and train us to avoid the suffering and pain caused by not being observant of this human condition.

Throughout our lives, we have the option of learning from the experiences and those people around us who love and care about us.  Otherwise, we learn lessons through pain because we didn’t listen to those who tried to warn us. It is always an option.

If we try hard to train our mind and spirit to let go of things and people, we would certainly live nicer, funnier and more calm lives. That state of mind applies to everything in life.

What is changing right now in your life? Are you changing grades or schools?  Are you gaining weight or losing it?  Are you moving from a house or a city? Are you changing jobs, getting married, having a baby, going through a separation or divorce, getting sick or old or struggling with a loss?  Are the laws, politics or the government decisions affecting your life?

Well, guess what?

All those situations are happening to everybody else, too.  It is just a matter to think about it, to be aware that everyone is dealing with these things.

How would you like to face your life? With joy and freedom or attached to what no longer is what it used to be?  Things stop being as they used to be all the time because we are in continuous movement and evolution.  There is no way to grow or evolve from lack of movement, action, development, vitality or change.

Evolution is the key word here – we evolve constantly, for better or for worse.  That is also our choice.  We have the power to take the decisions to be better students, professionals, workers, parents, teachers and spouses.  It doesn’t matter what you dedicate your life to, or even if you decide to switch professions or partners, because that would be part of an evolutionary move.

It is not worth spending our lives suffering, complaining and blaming others for our dissatisfaction or events.  Everything is the result of a decision, of a behavior, of our work and effort or lack of it.  No one is responsible for the way we decide to feel about being alive, because that is what life is about.  Life is about constant motion, energy and change.


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