Transforming struggles into blessings

By Dr. Hector R. Ortiz

In order to rediscover the virtue of transforming struggles into blessings and obstacles into opportunities, one has to leverage the decisive importance of proactive approaches and holistic thinking. To do so, one has to raise its perspectives of life and see it as it is, an unstoppable conjunction of challenges and opportunities. As such, what does a new day mean to you? Now that we are ending another year, what does a new year mean to you? What does a new job, adventure or relationship signify to you?


Whatever the date or the occasion may be, it will definitely have a different impact on any individual because culture, traditions, spirituality, ways of thinking, philosophy of life, paradigms or dogmas may interfere with our thinking. However, at the front end, the way that one feels is basically based on the lenses that one uses to see the daily actions of life, which are granted based on the attitude that one exercises every single day during our temporary transition and finite human form.


Have you ever contemplated in a deeper mode the beauty that surrounds us? It would be enough to reflect in a child smiling’s face or contemplate the innocence of a kid whatever its ethnic background, culture, beliefs system, color or gender may be. You can see in any smiling face the true expression of God’s grace, the authentic wonder of the Lord’s creation and the genuine beauty of nature. All acts of kindness re-enacts the splendor that encircles the greatness of human nature.


The cycle of behaving, thinking and acting in life starts in your mind and the quality of your thoughts. What you feel or what you believe are related to what you think. For instance, our faith is an interpretation that comes from what we think and feel and goes as far as we believe. Consequently, be aware of what you think, and pay special attention to what you say because these steps are intrinsically connected to what you do.  Happy New Year fellow readers. I wish the best in 2017!  Remember, the best is yet to come.

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