We Speak YOUR Language


At Brenner’s family of car dealerships, the motto is “We speak your language!”


When Pedro Mora came to the United States 17 years ago from Ecuador, his command of the English language wasn’t strong. A single father of one son and competitive bodybuilder, he wondered to himself, “Why would Brenner hire me? I can hardly understand the interview questions.”


Today, Mora’s title at Brenner is financing specialist. That’s because he’s dedicated himself to helping Spanish-speaking customers find financing when they thought it would never be possible.


“It gives me such a satisfying feeling when customers come in thinking they have no chance for financing, and I get it done for them,” says Mora.


Brenner has hired many bi-lingual staffers in an effort to strengthen
community ties.


“Many Spanish-only-speaking people come to Brenner because we have a wonderful reputation in the area for being able to not only understand them, but also to help them achieve a dream of owning their own car,” says Vannessa Belardo, Puerto Rican native who lives in nearby Lancaster.


According to Belardo, “Most of our customers are either repeat customers who are now buying cars for their children or come because of word-of-mouth referrals.”


The most important aspect of having bi-lingual staffers is when it comes to signing the documents.


“They may be able to speak or understand quite a bit of English, but when it comes to the final documents, being able to explain everything in a language they understand completely is very important to Brenner,” says Mora.


According to Brenner, hiring and retaining bi-lingual people is a top priority. Brenner even has a dedicated Spanish-only Facebook page. ◆



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