William Close

Inventor, Musician, Sculptor, Engineer, Performer

by Sandra Tamez

How do you know what your mission is in life? When do you define what you would like to do with your existence? How do you know where your passions are leading you? Do our lives really have a purpose?

I have been asking myself these questions for some time, but the funny thing is that I have always known the answers, since I realized I had a common sense. “The less common of all senses,” my father used to say.

And here I am – formalizing my dream, making it happen, taking a passion seriously to the next level. It is happening, not as I thought or as I could imagine it – not even in my native language, and that amazes me even more.

Sometimes, things happen the way we least expect them, or even better, when we are not expecting them at all.photo 1

The advertising for the William Close concert in Harrisburg caught my eye a couple of months ago, but it passed from my attention because I was so busy with my life at the time with thoughts on how to become what I really wanted to be. But when it is meant to be, it is going to happen.

My friend and colleague, Seena Chriti, invited me to the William Close concert, a fundraising event for the Silver Academy in Harrisburg. She told me, “Sandra, if you are really into transforming catharsis, please come to this concert. I cannot explain to you the beauty of the event – he’s a musician who has invented more than 100 instruments, who combines music with architecture. He is a phenomenon.”

And Seena Chriti was right – true catharsis. Have you ever experienced the relieving of emotional tensions through a work of art?

William Close’s Earth Harp, which is the largest stringed instrument on the planet, derives its name from its first installation where the strings ran from one side of a valley 1,000 feet across to the other side, literally turning the earth into a giant harp.

The Earth Harp now travels around the world, making music and transforming any building and stage into “the” instrument. Close and his Earth Harp encompasses architecture, music, art, colors, rhythm, movement, dance, harmony, design and beauty, which remove all language limits.

“You have a talent.”

Have you ever heard these words? Do you allow yourself to believe that you are a success as a human being?

In order to figure it out, you will have to learn how to play the strings or to tap the keyboard.

Sometimes, the message arrives to you in an envelope. Other times, it arrives with that phone call you were not expecting.

“Every piece of wood that I ever cut, every note that I ever played, everything that I ever did in this life has led up to this experience. I have been working on this nonstop. Literally, this performance it is going to be a symphony of all my instruments,” said William Close while on America’s Got Talent.

“I’m in love with your art,” I told him face to face, when we made eye contact, and I saw his pupil dilate, opening the door to his soul.

Close has the magic of a builder, is a great performer and a leader of an incredible crew of creative minds.


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